Guide to build Android APK file to publish your game in Mobile Store.


You will need these applications:

  • Android Studio
  • NPM
  • Cordova cli

1. Download ANDROID STUDIO from:

Download full package!

2. Install Android STUDIO to your Windows PC

3. Setup ‘adb’ path-tool in SDK package.

Setup new Environment Variable.
Note: ANDROID_HOME is my variable of ANDROID install path

4. Start Android Studio and install others path package ANDROID API, then drink a coffee… (Wait for it install…)

Tick some new package e.g: ANDROID 10.0 Q or R …

5. Install NPM from

6. Export Your C3 project with Cordova setting.

7. Extract zip folder of Cordova

8. Open folder with command line.

9. Start Install Cordova with ‘npm install -g cordova’

10. Type ‘cordova platform add android’ to target the platform android. Wait for the plugins packages install to your cordova project…

11. Create your keystore with Android Studio (by pass this step if you has keystore from construct 3)

12. In cordova project folder, edit the file “build.json” like below code (if you don’t have this file, just create it!).

{ "android": { "release": { "keystore": "your.keystore", "storePassword": "yourpassStore", "alias": "youralisas", "password" : "yourpass", "keystoreType": "" } } }

13. Open command line in your cordova game project and type: ‘cordova build android –release’

14. Wait for the result build apk output.

15. Open folder build: <current cordova folder>\platforms\android\app\build\outputs\apk\release

16. Upload your apk to store !