What special features does this business model have to attract players so much?
This article will share some “little secrets” around the Battle Pass system with you. Along with that are the constructs needed to design this model on a mobile game.

1.What is the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass is an in-game business model through the provision of additional content to the player. These rewards will be distributed when the player reaches certain required levels.

The first Battle Pass concept has been inspired by the Season Pack that originated with Dota 2 (Valve) in 2013. Of course, the Season Pack was a much more sophisticated and complex structure than the system. The Battle Pass system has been pretty much simplified at the moment.

2. The mechanism of action of the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is improved from the Season Pack and is structurally similar to a Piggy Bank.

The Battle Pass is a set of rewards that can be unlocked by completing one or more challenges. Meeting these challenges will give players an amount of experience (EXP) to help increase the Battle Pass level to gain more valuable rewards at later levels.

The Battle Pass will always have two processes running in parallel:

  • Free Pack.
  • Premium Pack.

These two processes ensure that all players can experience the functions of a Battle Pass. Free Pack players who use Free Pack will receive much fewer rewards than paid players to use both Free Pack and Premium Pack. Usually, this fee will be delivered in the subscription form.

3.Design of a Battle Pass

To streamline with almost any type of mobile game. The Battle Pass has made some revamped efforts more straightforward and more relevant than its original Season Pack.

A necessary Battle Pass builds on the following things:

  • EXP Progress
  • Free Pack
  • Premium Pack
  • Season Time

a.EXP Progress

The bar of experience. Players will have a chance to receive a reward every time a new level goes up.

Experience is accumulated when the player completes the mission in the game (can be one or more missions).

Single task: If using a task type. You will need to pick out your in-game “core behavior” to make it the primary mission’s criterion. This criterion will usually be synced to Progress EXP. This treatment is suitable for the Battle Passes of puzzle games, casual or higher level games but intends to “casualize.”

Criteria to kill enemies in the game Archero.

Criteria for successful moves of a Match-3 game.

Multiple quests: If your game is functional and want to use the Battle Pass as one of the leading business models (subscription). You can use the system of multiple tasks. When completing the missions, players will accumulate a certain amount of experience to level up for the Battle Pass. You can also integrate the EXP bonus system for the Battle Pass into the game’s general quest system.

b. Free Pack

Free Pack is the Battle Pass process to distribute rewards to free players (Free users).

Different from many other Premium functions. When only paying players can participate. The Battle Pass allows free players also to use this function throughout the game’s life. With certain limitations, of course.

Free Pack’s main reward structure will not distribute much of the high-value game content. Mainly “take a breath” to players and wait for the opportunity to offer and convert them into premium players.

c. Premium Pack

The Premium Pack is a rewarding process for players who have spent money on a Battle Pass.

Upon reaching the same level, players receive both benefits from the Free Pack and the Premium Pass.

Rewards distributed in the Premium Pack are awards of importance. Sometimes it’s exclusive.

d. Season Time

Different from traditional methods of reward distribution. The Battle Pass is available for a limited time. After this period is over, the player’s reward system and EXP will be refreshed.

This keeps the reward list fresh at all times. At the same time, it saves the cost of Content design for the Battle Pass. Makes operating the Battle Pass more comfortable and more stable.

4.The conversion value of the Battle Pass

The Battle Pass has a huge potential to convert free players into paid players. For the following reasons:

Experience: Players get to pre-experience the Battle Pass through the Free Pack. They use it as part of the game’s primary functions, not just a money-intensive one.

Make a comparison: Every level up, the Battle Pass always gives players the feeling of comparing the Free Pack and the Premium Pack. To level up in the Battle Pass, the player needs to “plow” the game. But with the same effort, the person paying for the Battle Pass always reaped a much higher income.

There is always a chance to pay later: After accumulating experience to level up on the Battle Pass and experience the benefits of this function. Players can still pay later to receive the services they have collected from the beginning. This makes a huge difference compared to other IAP business models. Where offers typically expire or lose value as the player progresses towards specific Progress.